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2020, What a Year! – But there is always something to keep in mind

2020, What a Year! – But there is always something to keep in mind


Hello New Jersey TSA,

Our country and world have faced a lot of challenges in 2020. Even though this year was tough for all, we still came together virtually to continue to develop, innovate, and create new ideas, products, and theories. The main take away from this year is that anyone can do virtually anything, as long as he or she works hard and never gives up. With the new year coming up, billions of people are yearning for 2021 to bring hope, peace, and prosperity.

All we can continue to do is to stay in contact with each other, no matter where we are and try, nothing can stop us from trying. We are the Technology Student Association, not any ordinary organization for students, but an organization that strives to give students everywhere a chance to demonstrate their passions, and even though we may be all far away from each other, we will always be connected with the motive of hard work, ambition, and hope. From the state and leadership conference to fundraisers, we have adapted to this new change and realized that no virus, no person, and no force can stop you from being or doing what you want to do, so don’t let anything stop you.

I ultimately write this blog to demonstrate to everyone that we will always be connected, no matter the circumstance, and whatever happens, we will keep on innovating to assure that our ideas continue and everyone gets the same experience as one would in a normal setting. I truly hope everyone has an amazing holiday season, and remember: nothing can stop you.

Good Luck!!
Sahil Maher
NJ TSA State Sergeant-At-Arms