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2020-2021 State Officers

President: Khushi Sabuwala

Khushi Sabuwala.

Hi New Jersey TSA! My name is Khushi Sabuwala and I am your 2020-2021 State President. I am currently a senior at High Technology High School and this is my seventh year in TSA. I am looking forward to leading the state board and making this year a successful year! Since 6th grade, I have attended several state and national conferences. Some of my favorite events include Chapter Team, Dragster, and Animatronics. I have also participated in my chapter’s TEAMS team and am a member of TSA’s Technology Honor Society. In my previous years of being a part of TSA, I have been honored to have served as NJ TSA’s Secretary and Sergeant-at-Arms, in addition to my middle school chapter’s President and Parliamentarian. Outside of TSA, I have pursued Indian classical dancing for over 10 years and have taught for about 2 years now. I also enjoy playing the trumpet and this is my third year as my school’s jazz band director and am a part of the pit band for our spring musical. In my free time, I enjoy watching football and cooking. Looking back, I am truly glad that I joined TSA back in 6th grade as it has become such a large part of my life and helped me develop a continuous passion for STEM. I am thrilled to be spending my final year in TSA with all of you and hope that we can all move “together towards tomorrow”!


 Vice-President: Olivia Lieberman

Olivia Lieberman.

Hi NJ TSA! My name’s Olivia Lieberman, and I’m proud to be your state Vice President. I’m currently a senior at Freehold Township’s International Baccalaureate program. This is my fourth year in TSA, and my second year on the state board. Outside of STEM, my main passions are social justice and the arts. Besides that, I love to read, watch anime, write, draw, and play guitar. I’m looking forward to this year and working with all of you!


Secretary: Madison Dawson

Madison Dawson.

Hello NJ TSA! My name is Madison Dawson, and I am a senior at Howell High School. After trying out a multitude of clubs my freshman year, TSA was the only one that really struck my interest. Despite how overwhelming the rules seemed at first, TSA quickly became my favorite part of high school. Specifically, the competitions such as Board Game Design, Children’s Stories, and TechBowl, have taught me so much, not just about the design process or how to document my projects, but how to work in a team, as well. TSA is responsible for so many of my greatest memories, and hopefully, as state secretary, I can help provide a better experience for NJ TSA’s members

Treasurer: Juliana Minniti

Juliana Minniti.

Hi New Jersey TSA! My name is Juliana Minniti, and I am your 2020-2021 NJ State Treasurer. I am currently a senior at Clearview Regional High School, and this is my third year in TSA. In my first year, I attended Nationals for Biotechnology Design and Technology Problem Solving. In my second year, I served as my chapter’s TSA Treasurer. Although I was unable to compete in the state and national conferences my second year due to Covid-19, it was still a great year in TSA. Outside of TSA, I am an active officer of Math League and President of Key Club. I am also a member of Science League, Red Cross Club, Environmental Club, the softball team, and the tennis team. I enjoy playing ukulele and guitar, writing poetry, and going on nature hikes in my free time. TSA has made a significant impact in my life. It has grown my passion for STEM, taught me leadership and communication skills, and has led me to meet some of my best friends today. I am looking forward to what this year will bring and can’t wait to see what we accomplish together in New Jersey TSA!


Sergeant-At-Arms: Sahil Maher

Sahil Maher.

Hello New Jersey TSA!! My name is Sahil Maher and I am your 2020-2021 NJ TSA State Sergeant-At-Arms. I am currently a sophomore at Freehold Township High School in the Global Studies magnet program and this is my fifth year in TSA. I have attended five state and national competitions, where I have placed in events including Debating Technological Issues, Community Service Video, STEM Animation, Essays on Technology, Dragster, and TEAMS. Over the past five years of my TSA experience, I have served as Reporter, Vice-President, and Historian for my school’s chapter. Additionally, I am a member of the TSA Technology Honor Society. Outside of TSA, I participate in the tennis and swim teams, volunteer for the Red Cross and CentraState Hospital, and serve on the Global Studies council. I am also an early morning person who enjoys sunrises and long hikes. My goal for our state is to ensure that we all stay connected, informed, and strong during these unprecedented times. It is my humble honor to be your state Sergeant-At-Arms and I can not wait to start the year with everyone!!


Reporter: Michael Brown

Michael Brown.

Hello New Jersey TSA! My name is Michael Brown and I am currently a senior at Howell High School. From learning new concepts through competitions to interacting with other members on the state/national level, I’ve always had a passion for TSA upon joining my freshman year. Along with our organization, I keep myself busy outside of school. I am the captain of the Howell Cross Country and Track and Field teams, along with being a volunteer EMS provider for my community on weekends. I enjoy communicating and working with others to make any dream possible, as well as meeting new friends along the way. As your NJTSA Reporter this year, it is my goal to keep all members interconnected and prepared for anything ahead of us!


Historian: Natalie Radu

Natalie Radu.

Hello, NJ TSA! My name is Natalie Radu, and I am honored to be your 2020-2021 State Historian. I am currently a Senior at High Technology High School, Lincroft NJ. My hometown is Manalapan. This is my fourth year in TSA. I have attended two state conferences and one national conference. My favorite events are Video Game Design and Children Stories, though I’ve also competed in TEAMs and Animatronics. I won the NJ TSA Pin Design contest for 2019-2020. Outside of TSA, I hold leadership in my school’s Performing Arts Club, STEMinist Club, and student council. I am also a Social Media Coordinator for several nonprofits, including the New Jersey Academy of Science and inteGIRLS. TSA has helped me develop a crucial confidence in my visual design and story-telling abilities, and I look forward to using these skills to make this your best NJ TSA year yet!


Parliamentarian: Ruchir Bodicherla

Ruchir Bodicherla.

Hello NJ TSA! My name is Ruchir Bodicherla, and I am your 2020-2021 State Parliamentarian. I’m currently a senior at the Marine Academy of Science and Technology, and I’ve been a part of TSA since my freshman year. I’ve attended three state conferences (one virtual), two leadership conferences, and the 2019 National TSA Conference, where I placed in Video Game Design and was a finalist in Cybersecurity. I’ve also competed in Chapter Team, Digital Video Production, and On-Demand Video, and I’m a member of TSA Technology Honor Society. TSA is my favorite extracurricular by far, and I love competing in events, helping out other groups, and just being involved with the club in general. Outside of TSA, I’m a member of my school’s academic team, and I volunteer at my temple and local library. Besides that, I’m a huge fan of video games and movies, although I like reading novels, too. This year might be a little different than normal, but I look forward to experiencing it with all of you. Let’s make it a great one!