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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of the NJ-TSA Alumni Association?

You can become a member by filling out our online form, or by emailing the TSA office at

How much are membership dues?

Membership to the  NJ TSA Alumni Association are currently free.

What do I receive as a member?

You will be included on all Alumni emails, mailings and newsletters, receive invitations to special NJ TSA Alumni events and have the opportunity to get involved with current TSA chapters and student members through acting as a judge and/or event coordinator at NJ Leadership and State Conferences, mentoring student members and assisting State Officers and the Executive Committee in any way possible.

If I cannot contribute time, are there other ways I can get involved?

Yes, there are opportunities to sponsor materials for conferences, registration & transportation fees for local chapters and scholarships and awards.  Contact the TSA office at for additional information.

How do I become a state conference judge?

When you complete our online form to become a member, please indicate your desire to be a judge and list the specific competitive event(s) if possible.  When conference time approaches, an email will be sent out to the association with the schedule of events and a request for judges.  We will then forward to you the information you need and will work with you to prepare you as a judge.