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State Officer Overview

If you would like to suggest any items to be added to the monthly agenda, please email with your suggestions.

1. Setting the Agenda
2. Parliamentary Procedure
3. Opening and Closing Ceremonies

State Officer Nominations – NJ TSA seeks candidates for State Offices each spring.  Becoming a State Officer will provide you with an opportunity to develop your leadership skills while you help guide the activities of the organization.  All offices will be vacated by the close of the school year and new officers will assume responsibilities of leadership following installation at the State Conference.  An orientation program is planned for new officers and outgoing officers in May.

Who is eligible?

Candidates are strongly encouraged to:

* Be active members of a New Jersey chapter affiliated with national TSA
* Be enrolled in middle school or high school (grades 7 through 12)
* Have a grade point average of 2.5  C+ or better
* Be able to attend an interview session with current State Officers
* Be able to attend a state officer meeting each month, usually held at 4:00 pm at The College of New Jersey.
* Be able to attend the state leadership conference in the fall
* Be able to attend the national leadership training program in the fall, usually held in Reston, Virginia.  (Some financial assistance is provided for expenses.)
* Be able to attend the state conference in the spring and the national conference in early summer.
* Notify coaches of the possibility of occasional conflicts between TSA activities and athletic practices and events.
* The president must be able to attend quarterly CTSO Leadership Council meetings.

* Be able to attend a NJDOE Leadership Training Conference in the Fall.

* Each chapter can nominate two candidates; however, a President and Vice President cannot be nominated from the same chapter.

What are the offices?

President                Vice President                 Secretary
Treasurer                Reporter                        Sergeant-at-Arms

Position guides for these offices are included in the Constitution and Bylaws of NJ-TSA and the TSA Membership Materials Guide (in the tri-fold).  These should be reviewed prior to nominating candidates.

It is desirable to have a sophomore or junior serve as vice president, as this provides an opportunity for continuity in leadership.

The office of Sergeant-at-Arms provides a good orientation for serving as a State Officer.  Members from middle school chapters and ninth graders from high school chapters are encouraged to consider this office.

Brief Descriptions of Officer Responsibilities


Prepares meeting agendas, presides over meetings in accordance
with parliamentary procedures, appoints committees.

Vice President

Assists the President, presides in the President’s absence, and is responsible for coordinating committee tasks.


Records, prepares and distributes copies of minutes of meetings and is responsible for correspondence and communication.


Maintains financial records for organization, prepares and presents financial summary at each meeting, and coordinates annual budget development.


Prepares articles for publication, contacts members to obtain news regarding the organization, contributes to content on the web page, and serves as historian of the organization.


Arranges the meeting room and cares for organization symbols, banners and related items, and assists the President in conducting parliamentary procedures as set forth in Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

Procedure for applying

Complete the forms in the application:

1. A statement (from the candidate) explaining why you want to hold this office and what you can offer the state organization.
2. An application form, including confirmation from your guidance counselor verifying a 2.5 minimum grade point average on a 4.0 scale, from September of the previous school year to the present  (September 20011-present).
3. A candidate agreement form, complete with required signatures.

Send to:

Alison Goeke, NJ TSA State Advisor
103 Armstrong Hall
The College of New Jersey
PO Box 7718
Ewing, NJ 08628-0718
Fax (609)771-3330

Applications will be reviewed by the State Officers and a slate of officers will be prepared for the delegates to consider at the delegate assembly in March.

Delegates will elect officers and they will be installed at the Sate Conference in March.


Download Application Here (PDF)

Leadership Training – The annual NJ TSA State Leadership Conference is held every fall at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ).  Advisors and their six chapter officers are invited to hear dynamic guest speakers, meet fellow officers, and participate in chapter team building activities and design challenges.