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TSA and NJCCCS 9.4

NJ TSA is one of seven Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) in New Jersey. CTSO’s enhance CTE by providing opportunities for students to learn through leadership development, competitive events, academic, technical and 21st Century Skills, community involvement and much more.

NJ TSA is proud to be a member of the dynamic educational partnership that includes the state of New Jersey, educators, parents, business leaders, the national Technology Student Association and community leaders who are working to help students understand their technological world and to assist students in taking their place in that world.

TSA competitive events address the NJCCCS for 21st Century Life and Careers. Through participation in TSA activities, students gain the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them to engage as active citizens in a dynamic global society and to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century global workplace.

Involvement with TSA also meets national standards in science, technology, engineering and math.

TSA and Science Standards (PDF)

TSA and Technology Standards (PDF)

TSA and Engineering Standards (PDF)

TSA and Math Standards (PDF)

TSA and the 16 Career Clusters (PDF)

TSA Informal Learning and NJCCCS 9.4 (PDF)

Correlation of Standard 9.4 to Activities Conducted at State and National TSA Conferences

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is the only career and technical student organization dedicated exclusively to students enrolled in technology education and pre-engineering classes. Nationally TSA serves more than 150,000 students. Approximately 13,000 New Jersey students participate in TSA activities. This document identifies connections between 9.4 standards from the STEM strand and activities conducted at the New Jersey TSA leadership conference, the annual state TSA conference and the annual national TSA conference.

TSA Events and NJCCCS 9.4 

Animatronics (PDF)

Architectural Model (PDF)

Biotechnology Design (PDF)

CAD 2D Architecture (PDF)

Career Comparisons (PDF)

Chapter Team (PDF)

Construction Renovation (PDF)

Debating Technological Issues (PDF)

Desktop Publishing (PDF)

Digital Video Production (PDF)

Dragster Design (PDF)

Engineering Design (PDF)

Essays on Technology (PDF)

Extemporaneous Speech (PDF)

Fashion Design (PDF)

Flight Endurance (PDF)

Future Technology Teacher (PDF)

Manufacturing Prototype (PDF)

Music Production (PDF)

On Demand Video (PDF)

Photographic Technology (PDF)

Prepared Presentation (PDF)

Promotional Graphics (PDF)

SciVis (PDF)

Structural Engineering (PDF)

Sytems Control Technology (PDF)

Technical Sketching and Application (PDF)

Technology Bowl (PDF)

Technology Problem Solving (PDF)

Transportation Modeling (PDF)

Video Game Design (PDF)

Webmaster (PDF)