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High School Project Submission Directions

High School

Project Submission Directions

To upload entries, students will go to

To log in, they will enter their NJ TSA State Conference ID# and password. The password (same for all students) is available in your conference registration, in the tab that says Export Judges System Student Submission Information: (see screenshot below):

High School


Advisors, you can log in as a student (using their ID# and password) and can upload projects for them.

You can also log in to the Advisor Project Submission Site, and upload projects there, check the status of your students’ uploads, etc. To log in to the Advisor Project Submission Site, go to:

You will use your log in info from the NJ TSA State Conference registration website.

Additional Guidelines for

High School Submissions:

1. Please be sure to complete your registrations early so that your students are able submit their project ahead of the deadline. Students WILL NOT be able to submit their projects until you register them.

2. Team Captains will need to submit entries for team events.

3. Students can submit up to three (3) files for each event (most events only require one or two files).

4. Video, music files, etc. must be submitted as a URL. Documentation must be submitted as a PDF.

5. It would be helpful if file names included the name of the event, and the student or team ID# (e.g. CADArchitecture2345678.pdf)

6. The tab in your registration called Export Judges System Student Submission Information will give you a list containing all of the following info in one table that you can share with your students:

  • Registered Students with ID#s
  • Team Captains
  • Password for Submission Site
  • Link for Submission Site